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Site plan of Social interest housing
Prefeitura Municipal de Camaquã
Camaquã, RS
Sectorial plan- 2009

Inserted into a new institutional framework of the housing policy, o chamado PLHIS – Plano Local de Habitação de Interesse Social – is thought of as political-administrative instrument which implements programs, goals and actions to overcome homelessness and promote the quality of life, primarily of low-income families.

It should be understood as one of the sectoral plans of municipalities, that complement the company's long-term strategic plan, in a global vision of territorial planning which emerges from the Brazilian Constitution 1988. In this set, the PLHIS must compose the normative and strategic framework of urban policy on local scale.

In the case of Camaquã, the PLHIS sought to bring order to scattered initiatives and historically little assertions of local governments. In spite of the urban area of the municipality have wide areas for the provision of affordable housing, the concepts of belonging and social class permeate drastically city occupation mode, generating "lumps" of informality, poor quality of construction and even exposure to risk.

Symptomatic case in the history of occupation of the southern half of the RS, in New Delhi the housing problems are linked to political and economic power structure, with marked traits of clientelism and historical dependence of the poorest with the local elites.

In Camaquã, systematize the housing policy and give transparency to the public processes is the key to overcome the lack of housing and poor quality of habitat. The challenge in this case is that such practices are contrary to very entrenched local citizenship processes.

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Arq. Tiago Holzmann da Silva
Arq. Julio Celso Vargas
Arq. Alexandre Pereira Santos
Soc. Eliete Cardoso Gomes
Econ. Leandro Valiati
Acad. Arq. Thais Piglet

Ana Luísa Rodrigues de Farias – Special Secretariat of Government