The 3C architecture and urbanism, created in Porto Alegre in 1999, is a result of the multidisciplinary Association of professionals committed to qualify urban and rural environment through technical services of architecture and urbanism.

Its name comes from the motto criar, build and conserve, from where originate five principles which underpin its activities since its foundation: environmental responsibility, cultural development, entrepreneurial attitude, social commitment and professionalism.

In the first phase of society, between 1999 and 2004, the 3 c featured five partners, the architects Tiago Holzmann da Silva, Pedro Augusto Alves of Inda, Rafael Simões Mano, Camilo Holzmann da Silva and Letícia Teixeira Rodrigues..

From 2007 the company has adopted the system of networked organization, increasing the capacity of work of professionals regardless of their geographical location, acting from interrelated cores and convergent.

In 2014 the 3 c consolidated its membership with the architects and urbanists Holzmann Tiago da Silva, Leonardo Damiani Poletti, Leonardo Marques Richard and Alexander Pereira Santos and in 2015 intensified its presence in the country with offices in Rio de Janeiro and in Caxias do Sul, establishing new development agenda to strengthen its expertise in urban plans and projects.

Currently has wide range of professionals (associated, consultants and collaborators) with experience and proven ability to act in plans, projects and consultancies in the areas of sustainability, construction economics, environmental education, Permaculture, rationalization of energy resources, mobility, urban infrastructure, livability, restoration and heritage, strategic planning, urbano e regional, fundraising, training of technical teams and participatory work.

This team has the urban and rural environmental issues present in their projects since the founding of the company, long before the current consensus on sustainability. In the same way, integrates the participatory processes in its methodology of work effectively, developing its actions in partnership with local people and promoting architecture and urbanism as tools for quality of life and sustainability as a necessary condition for the future.

The 3C has a claim to follow working collectively aggregating professionals interested and committed to quality architecture and urbanism, with the cities, with the environment and quality of life of its inhabitants.