Environmental risk areas, favelizadas areas, decaying urban sectors and abandoned (industrial zones, edgings, Central areas), urban voids. The 3 c acts in consultancy and in the preparation of technical projects and fundraising for the urbanization of degraded areas developing projects for: socio-environmental programs, resettlement and slum upgrading, equipment and community services, infrastructure and public services, environmental recovery, socio-economic feasibility studies with use of GIS tools, support in the preparation of programmes of employment and income.

The increasing degradation of public space requires the recovery and qualification of these for the whole population, are: central urban spaces and re-qualification of historical centres, borders for sea and River next to dense areas, port areas, degraded industrial areas and other.
The 3 c acts in the planning and preparation of technical projects and fundraising: urban revitalization, urban design and landscaping, street furniture and urban visual programming, improves accessibility, heritage preservation, valorisation of tourism and development of tourist and cultural vocations, Road and transport system, public networks and services, economic feasibility studies and spatial organization of economic activities.

The 3 c acts in preparation of technical projects for the creation and consolidation of urban and environmental parks, natural reserves, Wild havens, recovery of degraded environmental areas, In addition to consulting on environmental legislation for the creation and implementation of parks and environmental areas as determinations of National system of conservation units (SNUC) –.

The 3 c acts in preparation of technical projects of installments and urban building developing feasibility studies, suitability for specific legislation (Master Plan, Installment law), urban project, definition of occupation regimes and edification, and the preparation of additional Executive projects.

The reconstruction and renovation of the national policy for the Social interest housing facts related to approval of the Status of Cities, the creation of the Ministry of cities, to approval by the Law No. 11.124/2005 establishing the Fund and the National System of Social interest housing, and the approval of the Law of free technical assistance to the low-income population.
The 3 c acts in consulting and elaboration of technical projects and fundraising: urbanization of special areas of social interest (ZEIS), definition and study of housing typologies, projects of uni and multifamily residential units, building and urban facilities, Community equipment, spatial economic feasibility studies, integrated programmes, georeferencing (SIG) and other, adopting community participation methodologies for elaboration, deployment and management of these projects.

The 3 c acts in preparation of technical projects for institutional buildings of companies, organisations and administrations in the field of education, technology, industry, tourism and public buildings in General. The 3 c team and partnerships account for the integral development of projects, Since the preliminary studies until the Executive projects of architecture, foundations and structures, hidrossanitário, electrical and logical, air conditioning, atmospheric protection systems and fire protection, and other related.