Consultancy for Public Administrations in the preparation and follow-up of projects for fundraising for projects and works of urbanization, social housing, environmental recovery, urban centres, tourist activities, sanitation, flooring & infrastructure, risk prevention and other. Identifying sources of funding and financing lines in programs such as CAP and PAC2 (systematically for proposals), OGU resources through ministerial lines (Heritage, Tourism, transport, environment), FGTS funds, BOX, My House my life and others.

Elaboration of feasibility studies, Planning (EVU) for complex urban projects analyzing physical-territorial aspects, environmental and socio-economic and the adequacy of legislation and local requirements.
Preparation of neighbourhood impact studies (EIV) Previewing, describing and quantifying the consequences of developments and activities in the existing quality of life in the affected populations and on the environment and urban space.
The 3 c operates in partnership with other technical offices in the preparation of Environmental impact studies (EIA) requirement of legislation (CONAMA resolution) for licensing of large enterprises in urban or rural areas.

Consultancy for Public Administrations in the elaboration and implementation of urban management processes, participatory processes, Regulation and operation of legislation, and qualifications of technical staff functional Hall.
Consultancies to institutions and social movements to qualify technically his performance in participatory management processes.
Conducting surveys, preparation of registers, databases, georeferencing and geographic information tools (SIG/GIS), implementation of integrated management systems.

Consulting in the area of urban sustainability, city environment and elaborating proposals for low impact, respecting the different dimensions of sustainability: environmental, social, cultural, spatial and economic.
Technical consulting for analysis, diagnosis and alternatives for the sustainable performance of institutional buildings, such as industrial facilities, educational, offices and other corporate desktops.
Studies that lead actions and works to provide resource saving and environmental qualification of work starting from the analysis of constraints: WATER, ENERGY, MATERIALS, WASTE, and of their relationships with the architecture of the building.

Consultancy and provision of service for the technical qualification and updating the functional framework of administrations and institutions, with the completion and organization of training courses, workshops, educational workshops and seminars, using didactic teaching methodologies and selecting technical staff skilled academic.

Development and specialized consulting to local governments, boards of Aldermen, lawmakers and experts in the processes of discussion and amendment of town-planning and environmental legislation (Master Plan, PLHIS, sectoral plans, special areas), with the preparation of studies, reports, reports, monitoring processes and other technical services.
Consultancy for the regulation of municipal legislation which enable the effective deployment of the tools provided for in the staff regulations and the possibility of use of its advanced planning tools.