3C Arquitetura e Urbanismo

The 3C architecture and urbanism, has more than 10 years of market, has experience in the preparation of technical services for PLANS, PROJECTS and consulting in the areas of Local Planning, Urban and Regional; Urban planning and urban design; Social interest housing; Institutional Architecture; Sustainability and environment; Geographic information systems; and preparation and follow-up of fundraising projects.

Develop projects and works with professionalism, social and environmental responsibility by collaborating to improve the lives of communities involved.

1. Ethics and social and environmental responsibility
2. Professionalism and quality
3. Innovation with entrepreneurial attitude
4. Collective action and community participation
5. Active participation in the cultural development of society

Ensure the sustainable growth of the company through increased profitability by increasing the efficiency of processes;
Ensure the quality of products and services by balancing technical demands with the available financial resources;
Exceed the expectations of customers with personalized service and products to meet all your needs;
Become a benchmark in the area of expertise as professional group of excellence and sustainable development agents.
Proactively collaborate in the realization of the goals of its employees, partners, suppliers and the community;
Provide a pleasant and motivating environment for which the team works in partnership with humility, self-criticism and optimism;
Contribute to the community through social and environmental actions that benefit the region.

The professional and economic success is the fruit of work performed with quality and competence and that the result is shared with satisfaction for all.