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Brasilia DF
Proposal for project Tendering – 2016
3C Arquitetura e Urbanismo + BAR Architects


The CAU / BR consolidates the new reality of our profession in Brazil with the symbolic execution of its national headquarters. The proposal built this set represents the Architects and Town Planners presenting the maturity of the current production of professional and respect the history of Brazilian architecture.


construction to be prioritized "place" as the place of encounter and exchange of experiences between people. For both, spatiality proposal incorporates, metaphorically, the four scales created by Lucio Costa for the Brasilia Pilot Plan: a monumental, residential, gregarious and bucolic.

We chose to value a large covered space, but open, which integrates built with natural. For that, They were proposed large spans that open to the outside giving opportunity to experience and prestige to the surrounding landscape views. In addition, the design of open spaces meets the demands of ventilation and heat stroke climate of Brasilia. Therefore, the group - X empty covered built - establishing a balance between ensuring readability functions and providing a clear complementarity between the spaces.

functionally, the proposal has two entire floors for offices CAU, plus some rented activity level -1 and plenary. For the IAB has proposed a lease on the entire third floor, as well as coverage for the implementation of its headquarters. moreover, the project has spaces for major public activities, around the covered square, setting the Cultural Center and ensuring corporate identity and independence of the institutions.

The implementation of the proposal divides the field into two parts:

Rationality, Austerity and Efficiency

No west side, It has leased the office building and administrative and bureaucratic activities, solving the basic functionality of the institutions - CAU and IAB - with an absolutely rational and modulated proposal both spatially and constructively. The rigor in the design of spaces and facilities is the engine of the architectural decisions ensuring accessibility, livability (ventilation, lighting, visual), comfort to users and staff and efficiency in service delivery. The building is a metaphor for residential activity, day-to-day city.

The Square as a place of encounter and exchange

The entire east side of the land is devoted to public activities and special interest that reference the monumental scales, gregarious and bucolic. The monumentality is answered not by the size of packages or for its luxury, but the spatiality and relationship between the parties and their uses remarkably returned to society.

In the covered square, gregarious activity, organizes a meeting of all under a large cover that protects from the weather, but maintains relations with the road and surroundings. The square is flanked by the auditorium, the multipurpose rooms, the Library Miguel Pereira and the restaurant and shop, Apart from imposing presence, more austere, plenary, important forum for discussion and decision on the profession. The session is suspended, not by superiority, but to be free, robust and transparent out to the square and to society.

Diagram of occupation of land proposals.
Lot Implantation 21, Quadra 603, Sector Great Southern Areas (SGAS), Brasília, DF.
South-east view of the whole, highlighting the Plenary.
floor plans of basements and ground, indicative of structural fabric with.
Side view northeast.
Plants lower the first and second floor and roof of the plant, indicative of structural fabric with.
Corte longitudinal A


Cross Section B

detailing constructive



Arq. Tiago Holzmann da Silva
Arq. Leonardo Damiani Poletti
Arq. Leonardo Revi
Arq. Alexandre Pereira Santos
Arq. Pedro Oliveira Land


Arq. Eduardo Kopittke
Arq. Rodrigo Steiner leaes


Arq. Cesar Dorfmann
Acad. Arq. Jean Michel Fortes Dos Santos