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National Competition Preliminary Study for the A1 Subsector the Urban Plan on Perimeter Operation Syndicated White Water Urban
São Paulo – SP
Urbanization Plan - 2015
Area covered by the project: 155.376 m²

Within the context of the public tender, sponsored by the IAB-SP, for the development of an Urban Plan in Operation Syndicated White Water Urban, in Sao Paulo, we are confronted with the idea of ​​designing a city portion on the banks of the Tiete, in a widely subocupada region since the early 50. This typical intervention opportunity Tiete Arc, designed housing units that would provide diversity of users, as well as the necessary infrastructure and the qualification of the urban environment, which necessarily included the mobility issues, leisure and public facilities. Furthermore, thanks to the partnership signed with the consultants in the real estate market IXR, We could go further and ensure that the projected urban plot made sense and be economically viable, both for the promotion of local economic sustainability and for their inclusion in greater São Paulo.

Sao Paulo more human and modern is what aims its new Strategic Master Plan, seeking a more democratic city and better quality of life for its citizens.

However, what it is to be "more human" and "more modern" in the XXI century?

For the public tender for the A1 Sector Urban Plan in Operation Syndicated White Water Urban, We proposed an evolution of these assumptions, defining an approach where a city "more human" is equal to a city "more urban" and a city "more modern" equals a city "greener", understanding that these values ​​work together and are inseparable. "More urban" does not mean just a anthropic environment; and "greener" expresses not only as squares and parks.

The urban proposal for sector A1 OUCAB intends to prove this concept, demonstrating the viability of the intentions of the new PDE, understood as premises for any intervention in the city, presenting, generically, the same issues as the themes of mobility and accessibility, environmental aspects, the economic aspects and the built. We envisage that these said problems can be seen as an opportunity for the transformation of the city.

Like this, four projective are set guidelines that can be used for the feasibility of the proposed Urban Consortium Operations in Sao Paulo, adopting the concept of proejto exposed below, whose possibility of application is demonstrated by the proposal for the subsector A1 on the perimeter of Operation White Water Syndicated Urban – OUCAB.

Conceptual framework for applying the guidelines of the Strategic Master Plan on Urbanization Plans.
Floor plan and proposal of conceptualization.
Conceptualization of the adopted building typologies.
Aerial view from the Marginal Tiete.
Building systems with precast and housing typologies.
Aerial view from the Barra Funda.
Floor plans of typologies 5-10 decks, 10-18 decks, and Basic Health Unit.
Floor plan of the Territory CEU and Plaza Civic Center.

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Site oficial do Concurso, sponsored by the IAB / SP
Coverage of Competition results, on the site ArchDaily Brazil

Arq. Urb. Leonardo Marques Hortencio (Coordinator)
Arq. Urb. Tiago Holzmann da Silva
Arq. Urb. Alexandre Pereira Santos
Arq. Urb. Leonardo Damiani Poletti
Arq. Urb. Angelica Magrini Rigo
Arq. Urb. William Iablonovski
Arq. Urb. Pedro Xavier de Araujo

Acad. Arq. Urb. Pedro Terra de Oliveira
Acad. Arq. Urb. Paulo de Carvalho
IXR Advisory (consultancy on financial viability)
Arq. Urb. Eduardo Uchita
Arq. Urb. Leandro Jubilato
study 30 51
Arq. Urb. Renata Beck
Arq. Urb. Jessica Kichler
Acad. Arq. Urb. Renata Saffer
Acad. Arq. Urb. Sabrina da Costa Hennemann