Integrated Intervention Project
Carlos Barbosa City Hall
Carlos Barbosa, RS
Urban and architectural project – 2013

The project aims to respond to specific demands of the municipality, in an expansion of public functions from the central area in the form of open spaces and a building. Configure build support for public activities, skate park, intercity bus terminal, venue for fair of the Producer, Memorial of Ethnicities, and change in access to the Centre through the binary expansion of Júlio de Castilhos streets and Buarque de Macedo, reconfigure parking lanes and return and qualify the former domain of the RFFSA range in the area of intervention.
The project aims to still recognize the festivities and cultural activities carried out in the municipality, respect the current setting of the Centre and the station Park projects (arq. Carlos M. Fayet and team), the Boardwalk (the same team) and the street Covered (arq. Efreu Quintana).

Search the continuity and connection to Center, interpreting the structure of the station Park to set the layout of the new urban space, with continuity to the leisure areas, deployment of skate park, square with playground, area of contemplation and public building to House supporting functions and the memorial of ethnicities.
In addition, in order to reorder the flow of vehicles and allow deployment of a bus terminal have been proposed roadway changes: binary between Júlio de Castilhos pathways and Buarque de Macedo, with the access point to better match the topography, configuration of parking areas for individual vehicles and buses along the, deployment of bicycle paths to connect two existing stretches South and northern area.
The design of the areas is defined according to a contemporary language that values clarity and miscegenation between the urban and the natural, interpreting the topography to enhance the possible Visual area, integrating natural elements with equipment and urban furniture. The building fits the topography seeking the materiality of regional stone and wood, with stronger elements from the Rua Buarque de Macedo and lightness above the level of the Av. Júlio de Castilhos. The terminal is deployed for the decrease in the perceived volume, but protecting users from rain and cold wind from Southeast.

Implantação do projeto
Implementation of the project (esq-dir) skate rink, square, space for the producer, memorial of ethnicities and bus terminal
Estrutura de conceito
Structure of concept developed in the activity of design immersion
Linhas de destino dos ônibus para universitários
Target rows of buses for students: the Charter is the main form of locomotion in the afternoon regional
Programa de atividades
Programme of activities
Vista da área a partir da Av. Júlio de Castilhos
View of the area from the Av. Júlio de Castilhos
Vista da área para o oeste
View from the West
Proposta para o terminal de ônibus
Proposal for the bus terminal
Imagem da Praça das Etnias com Memorial
Image of the square of Ethnicities with Memorial in the background and the producer, on the upper level
Implantação do setor da praça e edificações
Implementation of sector of the square and buildings


Arq. Tiago Holzmann da Silva
Arq. Alexandre Pereira Santos

Arq. Aline Beatriz Cervo
Arq. Jânerson Coelho
Arq. Gustavo Moraga
Mova Arquitetos Caminhantes

Arq. Angélica Magrini Rigo
Acad. Arq. Paula Bellé
Arq. Frederico Cheuíche@Skatespot