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Integrated urban development plan
Prefeitura Municipal de Ijuí
Ijuí, RS
Plan- 2013
Área de intervenção: 651.565,00 m²
Indirect influence area: Urban Zone
Population benefited directly: 3.153 famílias
Population surrounding: 6.334 famílias
Population benefited indirectly: 17.292 famílias (residents of the Urban Zone)

The project consists of a set of actions and projects of urbanization to the Tancredo Neves, Colonial, XV de Novembro and part of the Glory. The goal is to build a structured urban space, integrated into the city and to extend significantly the quality of life in a sustainable way, valuing the environment, social inclusion, the offer of employment and income, the improvements in housing conditions and social and economic development, culture, health, education and safety.

Urbanization plan that organizes actions promoted by public authorities, private interests and local community by distributing the benefits of urbanization in a democratic way. Includes improvements in the physical and social conditions of the city through interventions grouped into four main dimensions:
URBANIZATION – Improvements in urban infrastructure, recovery of degraded areas, redevelopment of squats without adequate infrastructure.
INFRASTRUCTURE AND SANITATION – Magnification, paving and construction of sidewalks (tours) in the region's roads and construction of new roads and providing connectivity and accessibility. It also includes construction of sewage and drainage networks.
ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT – Implementation of local equipment for training and employment and income generation, In addition to the improvement of existing equipment to suit the demand of current and future population. Long-term focus on economic emancipation of residents and their social mobility.
SOCIAL HOUSING – Construction of new housing for relocating families in hazardous areas. New homes for the expansion of the supply of housing in the region.



Arq. Tiago Holzmann da Silva
Arq. Alexandre Pereira Santos

Arq. Leonardo Marques Hortencio
Arq. Aline Beatriz Cervo
Arq. Henrique Lorea Leite
Arq. Angélica Magrini Rigo
Econ. Maria Alice Lahorgue
Acad. Paula Bellé
Arq. Lucas Valli