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Metal prefabricated pavilions modulated to receive laboratories and offices
The Itaipu Technological Park Foundation
Foz do Iguaçu, PR
Project- 2012
Execução – 2012
Custo estimado: R$ 2.000.000,00
Área de intervenção: 5.000,00 m²
Área construída: 2.000,00 m²

Preparation of General and Executive project deployment architecture for the PTI's "Contenedores": Maneuvering spaces for temporary installation of Laboratorios, areas of research and other activities of the PTI. Study for modulation and constructive technology, magnifications, suppliers, Assembly and other required for deployment. The proposal includes the preliminary study of complementary projects and structural installations.
Development of a fast mounting system / execution, the use of metal tiles and flooring, metallic structure and pure volume, ensuring a formal unit and a contemporary language and industrial.

The construction of a floor is organized into three wings, eastbound / West, joined by a cover on the sidewalk of the East facade. The first and smallest volume concentrates the stockroom, the intermediate volume concentrates the incubated companies and the third and largest volume the contractors and the Simplex.
With a total built-up area of 2.000,00 m², divided among the 3 companies, services, circulation and supply manager, the project gives priority to the rationality and functionality to address the needs program.
The choice by the metallic structural system combined with light locks due to desired language, the durability of materials, the speed of execution with minimal waste of materials, the flexibility of spaces(rooms and light independent subdivisions of the structure), the ease of expansion of spaces, the modulation and constructive repetition and ease of disassembly and reassembly.
The entire project was thought to there was minimal use of electric energy with lighting and/or air conditioning, with the cross-ventilation system in the work bars, sandwich-type tiles with thermo-acoustic insulation and abundant natural lighting in the South and North facades(Hall).

situation StentsContenedores situation on PTI.Floorplan

Cuts and facades

EAST FACADEEast facade


North façade

Space between modules.Space between modules


Arq. Tiago Holzmann da Silva
Arq. Leonardo Damiani Poletti
Arq. Lucas Gonçalves Valli