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Metal containers, prefabricated to receive a modulated Cafe and a shop
the Ñandeva and appropriateness of the original structure to receive P.N.E toilets. and meeting rooms
for infrastructure
The Itaipu Technological Park Foundation
Foz do Iguaçu, PR
Project – 2012
Execução – 2012

Custo estimado – $ 200,000 .00
Área de intervenção: 2.000,00 m²
Área construída: 125,00 m²

Preparation of the Executive project of architecture for the light modules and coffee shop next to the existing central Belvedere Ñandeva de Itaipu: Temporary installation spaces and possible transport and deployment in other land.
Study for modulation and constructive technology, suppliers, Assembly and deployment.
The proposal also includes the expansion of the original service module to House sanitary P.N.E. and two new classrooms for infrastructure.
Preliminary study of complementary projects and structural installations.
Development of a fast system installation and implementation, the use of metal tiles and flooring, metallic structure and large glass cloths, ensuring a formal unit and great visual permeability.

The modules of the Coffee and the Ñandeva are designed to be lightweight, easy Assembly and disassembly, and with a language that resembles the containers, seeking precisely this idea of ephemerality and ease of transport.
The metallic structure, as well as the lightweight locks, allows these modules
are quickly built and, When necessary, are allocated in another land.
The use of transparency, through the glass cloths, ensures a great permeability and does not prevent the visuals of the visitors, giving a lower importance to the architectural object and valuing the environment, the main cover and the power plant.

Tourist circuit.Deployment.Plant floor illustrated.Central Belvedere.Module coffee night.Constructive sequence coffee module.Business module.View of the set.Covered space between modules.Internal view of the module.


Arq. Tiago Holzmann da Silva
Arq. Leonardo Damiani Poletti
Arq. Lucas Gonçalves Valli
Arq. Aline Beatriz Cervo
Arq. Cristiano Loureiro