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Square gazebo with diverse activities of interaction and contemplation. Show
waters and build support satisfaction a store, café e sanitários.
The Itaipu Technological Park Foundation
Foz do Iguaçu, PR
Project – 2012
Execução – 2012
Área de intervenção: 11.200,00 m²
Área construída: 11.200,00 m²

Preparation of preliminary studies, draft and Executive project of a new
square to the PTI, You must meet the following requirements requested:
– Praça das águas: Development of a project showing the water, through fountains, jets and water mirrors and shows several created through these elements cited; Study of alternatives of interaction and contemplation for the periods in which the spillway is closed.
– Shop, Coffee and health: Study of a building along the square, with spaces
adequate support and permanence;
– Parking lots for employees and for the tour bus;

The project takes advantage, fundamentally, the visuals and the idea of course, creating along the paths a series of differentiated spaces of contemplation, rest or even in passing. With a geometric design rich enough, were created principal axes, clearly visible and perceptible to the visitor, and secondary roads, conforming the dry areas, passing grassy and.
The water becomes, in this proposal, a fundamental and inseparable element of the design of the set. The water jets create curtains, You can now drive visitors, now become the main attraction.
The slopes also carry out an important function for the square: Create pretty soft limits, serve as support for the high paths and delimit the intervention area without the need of using other types of barriers.

General deployment.Route diagrams, views and uses.View of route. Contemplation area dedicated to the spillway of the Itaipu power plant.View of the plant from the high.Views of the spillway.Overview of the Itaipu power plant.


Arq. Tiago Holzmann da Silva
Arq. Leonardo Damiani Poletti
Arq. Lucas Gonçalves Valli
Arq. Aline Beatriz Cervo
Arq. Cristiano Loureiro