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Proposal for project Tendering
Municipal Government of Rio de Janeiro – IAB/RJ
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Proposal – 2011
Área construída proposta: 407.100,00m²
Total area of urban intervention: 446.873,36m²

Retrieve the diversity of the territory: where society can live harmoniously and express themselves through different settings, races, ethnicities, social classes, cultures, ways of life, values, organizations, beliefs and representations
Consolidate a HYBRID space: where the different activities and usages occur seamlessly: workspaces, trade, Leisure and sharing the same dwelling place, with accessibility and respect for the environment in a sustainable way.
Zoom INTERFACE environments: where the community outweighs the individual, and the public spaces have greatest importance, generating new public relations X private and a new sense of urbanity.

The area of the Av. Francisco Bicalho and its immediate surroundings, It lies in a strategic position in the territory of Rio de Janeiro. Considering the Rio Olympic Games project 2016, can be considered as the most important Olympic network NODE.
The proposal is presented on two networks – the city of Rio de Janeiro, understood as the global network, and the project of the Olympic Games, the OLYMPIC NETWORK, understood as the local network, superimposed, juxtaposed, that interact and coexist harmoniously creating a new centrality. This node, presents itself as a model, a new model of city, a city within the city. Retrieves the memory and history, returning to a population area was degraded and under-utilized.

Built on the principles of sustainability and contemporary universal accessibility, the project part of the principle of collective, where the most important thing is the user. The architecture serving the well-being of the population and the collective.
Retrieves the diversity of city, consolidating itself as a HYBRID space, where the different uses and activities coexist together, and where people can live, work and enjoy quality public spaces in a same space.

These public spaces, or even private audiences, result of architectures that promote coexistence and integration, configure as INTERFACE spaces, relating the project with the pre-existing town, as well as private and public uses, and residential activities, commercials, Leisure and services.

Deployment.General deployment.General aerial view.Living space.Terrace.Vista hotel.



Arq. Paula Lopes de Moraes
Arq. Alexandre Pereira Santos
Arq. Tiago Holzmann da Silva
Arq. Leonardo Marques Hortencio
Arq. Leonardo Damiani Poletti
Arq. Lucas Gonçalves Valli
Arq. Fernanda Zucolotto
Arq. Paula Motta

Sociologist Eliete Gomes, Arq. Julio Celso Vargas, Acad. Arq. Angelica Magrini Rigo, Acad. Arq. Daniela de Tale, Acad. Arq. Aline Sumedh Comiran, Acad. Arq. Gian Nicola Ricci, Acad. Arq. Rachel Z.