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National competition of urban plan and preliminary study of architecture and Landscaping
SUBWAY/DF – IAB/DF (promoção)
Brasília, DF
Proposal – 2005

De uma linha, uma estação… Daí, uma praça… The square, the swarm of life for all Park and, Why don't, all Brasília and region…
Walk along a line and meet: places, landscapes…
Stop at stations and learn: the culture, the species…
Go home and teach: taking care, the preserve, to reproduce…
All along a line, full of seasons…
A flight and life and knowledge for all…
The bird park is an attraction and a meeting point and reproduction of animals and environmental education concepts. The bird park is a reproduction and generation of ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS and human. The bird park is the meeting point of the birds, of animals and men. The bird park is the scatter point, distribution and irradiation of concepts of environmental sustainability and socio-cultural specific contexts of Brasília and the Federal District. The bird park is the season of CULTURAL and environmental DIVERSITY. The bird park is a large FLOCK.
The Park is broken in half by a path that runs between dimensions 1051 and 1054 East/West, Ecological Avenue.
This road divides the Park into TWO distinct SECTORS, one side more urbanized and with varied activities, to the North. And another more preserved and with little intervention, more contemplative, to the South.
More intense interventions in the Park are configured as "seasons". As the subway, are stopping points, generators of centrality, where programmatic activities are concentrated.
The stations are 4, In addition to the subway station South Wing Bird Park:
CITY STATION: bringing together the most cultural and educational activities;
FOREST STATION: which concentrates activities related deeply with nature;
RAILWAY STATION: place of the great Park events and establishing connection between the two batches of the Park, Zoo, main road access avenues;
HORIZONS STATION: large space for reflection that receives the bird Memorial.
Formal strategies (repertoire) stations deployment (open spaces and built up) are diversified: BURIAL, CAMOUFLAGE, Fragmentation and TRANSPARENCY.
The unity of the set is given by the ECOLOGICAL AVENUE which runs through the Park connecting the station with the Brasilia Zoo. "

Sketch of study.ConceptDeployment.CutsHorizon Station.Forest Station.Railway Station.City Station.



Arq. Pedro Augusto Alves Inda
Arq. Tiago Holzmann da Silva

Arq. Jennifer Giacomet
Arq. Ana Carolina Carraro
Arq. Rodrigo Delegrave
Arq. Carolina Leães
Arq. Gergely Becker
Arq. James Bagnati
Arq. Bianca Figureli
Arq. Alexsandro Dutra

Eng. Agr. Lair Ferreira-Landscaping
Rafael Gil Iramendi – Budgeting